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The Wooden God
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This band debut opus was an LP called Every Mother's Nightmare in 1985—a good first try but overall deceiving if one knows this EP from 1987 which is a radically different affair.

I found a short en enthusiastic bio and some pictures here:

The Untold Fables were four crazed teens from Orange
County (LONG before there was a TV show glamorizing it!) and were one
of the highlights of the 80’s garage scene! Long-haired, geeky,
pimply-faced, not that great looking (sorry guys!), these guys blasted
out some superbly wild garage-oriented r’n’r with a punk edge!

Jon Niederbrach was a supremely underrated guitarist who
had a great tone and could make an insane noise, especially considering
he was a nice, church-going young man! Paul Sakry was a super drummer,
who at times played with a number of other bands, including a gig with
Thee Fourgiven and a stint with Yard Trauma.

Paul Carey looked pretty
demented and could scream with the best of them! Rob Butler was an
obnoxious punk of a bassist (and he’s a pal of mine!), but he knew his
stuff, could write some great songs, and went on to “fame &
fortune” with the Miracle Workers as part of their best line up!

The six minutes of "The Man And The Wooden God", which open the b-side, are certainly their highlight, complete with great bored lyrics and an overwhelming fuzz guitar in some parts.
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