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An all-girl band from Portland (Maine). They were active from the 80's to the end of the Century.

They did four LPs and five singles. This one is the third, on Stanton Park.

Issued in 1990, it features a cover of the Young Alley Cat's "Since she's been gone", retitled for the occasion.

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An English band with a great name. They got together in late 1976.

They're said to be "post-punk", but this tag doesn't describe their mixture of high-energy rock and psych-prog influences.

They issued six singles and three LPs and got some success before splitting in the mid-80's.

This is their first single, from 1 ... Read more »
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A French band from Toulouse.

This is their only single, issued in 1987.

Nice and sober black'n'white label, isn't it?

The ... Read more »
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When the Untold Fables (remember this post) broke up, their singer Paul Carey put another band together.

This 3-tracks EP was issued in 1994 on the German label Screaming Apple.

This is a nice garage punk record with a fright-rock edge. The first song of this EP was covered by the Fuzztones.

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Last but not least, this single issued in 1996 is a great one!

The band has finally split after eight singles, 2 EPs, one LP, one CD and a couple of tracks on compilations.

I really like this band. They incarnated that very special brand of garage music where compacity of the sound is more important than its quality. ... Read more »
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Second 7" for the year 1995, this time on the German label Screamin' Apple.

Once again, the line-up has changed, as notes Wikipedia :

Finally, Brian Goodman of Rochester NY's The Projectiles replaced
drummer Dave Pollack for the final two singles: "Devil's Weed b/w
Tamala" (Screaming Apple 1995) and "Problems b/w Drambuie" (Cacophone

I assume the a-side song is an allusion to a 1949 anti-drug movie issued under several titles, among them Wild Weed ... Read more »
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This one is a strange coupling, reminiscent of Plan 9 From Outer Space and other Ed Wood's Z-movies. On side one, one can hear Paul Marco telling some horror story—dig that lyrics!—with a frantic garage psych backing track.

B-side features what is, I think, the only "musical" recording of famous crackpot Criswell.

Nice coloured vinyle single, isn't it?

Criswell's—hum—song was recorded in the 50 ... Read more »
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This one a split single with two French garage bands from Toulouse. Sadly I don't have much biographic details about them. Both sides are wild garage, but the Space Beatnik's one features a saxophone.

The Shoo Chain Brothers were most of the time between six and eight people. The only time I saw them rehearsing they had three guitars and a violin, too! But that's not obvious when you listen to their side.

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Issued in 1995 on Cacophone Records, this single is their masterpiece. From the catchy doorsian organ riff which opens the a-side, one feels the song will be exceptional.

And it is :

The b-side features a nice and energic instrumental.

Dig this marbled pink vinyle!

This is the last record of this line up, which seems to have been the ... Read more »
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This is their only single issued in 1994. The a-side is a great garagey psych song, crude and deliciously stupid.

The b-side features a bluesy cover of "Spider and the fly".

Once again, the line up has changed.

Drummer OP was replaced by Dave Pollack and Johnny Wray was replaced by Ethan on guitar for two more singles: "Alice Dee b/w Spider and The Fly" (Weed 1994) and "Naked b/w Backwash Beach" (Cacophone 1995).

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