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A French band from the South suburbs of Paris. Single issued in 1983.

The acknowledgments suggests that they got some help from someone inside the French enterprise Aérospatiale. Perhaps did one of them—or one of their siblings—work there.

It's a typical early eighties "French rock" single, with a pop-rock a-side and a gloomy ballad on the flip.

One can't tell only by listening to the music and looking at th ... Read more »
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The line up featuring on this EP recorded also the same yeat (1993) the CD Triskaidekaphobia. It's a live recording, crude and brutal.

This is their last record on Scarab, which should've been something like their own label, if one take a look to the catalogue numbers. (The artist featured on Scarab S-003—if there's one—remains unknown to me.

This is their last record with one illustrated label. One notice that they slip from (light) horror to (soft) sex.

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The band, who issued no single in 1992, came back the following year with a new line up for this cover of the fabulous  Flamin' Groovies.

Once again, Wikipedia is helpful:

Krusty was replaced by drummer OP who performed with new guitarist
Johnny Wray on the next single "Slow Death b/w Dirty Bitch" (Scarab
1993) and
Froot Boots EP (Scarab 1993). Op stayed on for the bands signing to Midnight Records which produced their first CD only release Triskaidekaphobia.

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This early 80's british band got together in 1983. The Jones brothers had played before with Zoodoo, which became The Idd and the Zoo and didn't record anything.

This a-side of this single features an extract of their live album, which is a good but not exceptional record. As one can see, it's impossible to miss the big "A" on this DJ pressing.

But the killer track is the b-side, a frantic and wild instrumental reminding of early 60's crossings between rock'n'roll and exotica.

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Second single for the year 1991, this time on yellow vinyle.

This is also the second and last single recorded by this line-up.

The sound is a bit heavier, with that noisy lo-fi touch typical of the band.

The single comes with an insert, one side in a porno horror mood :

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In 1990, the band issued no single, but one LP on Who's Driving My Plane? Records.

According with Wikipedia :

The band's first full length LP:
Have Hearse Will Travel was
released in 1990 and was also distributed internationally. This slime
green slab of wax continues to be sought out by garage rock collectors
around the globe. The liner notes for this 13 song LP were written by Blotto
(Band) Lead Singer Sergeant Blotto. One track from this rar ... Read more »
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