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Monkey Cage Girl
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In 1990, the band issued no single, but one LP on Who's Driving My Plane? Records.

According with Wikipedia :

The band's first full length LP:
Have Hearse Will Travel was
released in 1990 and was also distributed internationally. This slime
green slab of wax continues to be sought out by garage rock collectors
around the globe. The liner notes for this 13 song LP were written by Blotto
(Band) Lead Singer Sergeant Blotto. One track from this rare LP, "Dig
Her Up" , appeared again almost a decade later on the Cacophone Records
Compilation titled:
Ultra Swank: Cacophone Sound Action Sampler.

From this point on, the band line up changed more drastically with the
eventual departure of both bassist Robin Graves and drummer Marty
Feier. Robin Graves hung on for two more singles: "Monkey Cage Girl b/w
Pretty Boys" (Scarab 1991) and "Psychedelic Monster b/w Dead Mary"
(Scarab 1991).

Organist Kim has been noted as saying that the group has
gone through more drummers than Spinal Tap. Drummer Marty Feier departed the band for a full time touring
gig in The Cast Of Beatlemania which starred members of the Broadway
and was replaced by Krusty (Rusty Nales), possibly inspiring the anti
Beatles tirade "I Don't Want To Hold Your Hand" which appeared on the
follow up CD,
Triskaidekaphobia (Midnight Records 1993)

Nice inserts, isn't it? Despite the somewhat cheap realisation, Scarab's 7" were made with care and with love.

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