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Devil's Weed
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Second 7" for the year 1995, this time on the German label Screamin' Apple.

Once again, the line-up has changed, as notes Wikipedia :

Finally, Brian Goodman of Rochester NY's The Projectiles replaced
drummer Dave Pollack for the final two singles: "Devil's Weed b/w
Tamala" (Screaming Apple 1995) and "Problems b/w Drambuie" (Cacophone

I assume the a-side song is an allusion to a 1949 anti-drug movie issued under several titles, among them Wild Weed, Marijuana, the Devil's Weed, She Shoulda Said 'No'!

The flip features a nice garage song, too. Overall, the output of this band stands a high standard of quality, despite—or sometimes because of—the rough sound of some of their records.
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